Don’t Shun the Run-Walk Method – Women’s Running


Many new runners don’t feel that “real runners” respect them if they aren’t running the entire distance. When implemented correctly, however, alternating running and walking is an effective training method that can help you increase your fitness faster, with less chance of injury.

Even more advanced runners can benefit from walking breaks to recover from hard workouts and return from injury with less chance of relapse. As a new or experienced runner, you shouldn’t be ashamed of utilizing the run-walk method.

Advantages for New Runners

For beginner runners, the run-walk method allows you to exercise for a longer period of time each session. This increases your aerobic capabilities more rapidly, burns more calories, and reduces your risk of injury.

Most beginner runners struggle to run more than 1 to 3 miles at a time—at most. As such, their time spent running is…

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