Do You Know How to Burn Fat?


When it comes to fitness and weight loss, the media and Internet bombards you with a vast array of ideas. It seems everyone from the cab driver to the late night lounge singer has advice on how to lose weight. Here at, we know how difficult it can be to separate fitness fact from fiction. That’s why we only publish solid scientific information. We believe science helps you decide between what’s really good and what just sounds good.

But that means you have a lot to remember. So, just to see if you’ve been paying attention, we’ve put together a quiz. Each question has been drawn from the archives of Peruse the statements below, make a mental note as to whether you think they are true or false, and check your answers with the correct ones below.

1. True or False: An electronic ab belt is an easy route to a chiseled six-pack.

2. True…

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