Deena Kastor Reflects on Her Own Adoption – Women’s Running


When I saw the photo of Shalane Flanagan’s new son through adoption, my heart leapt the way a mother’s heart does at the sight of a newborn. But I also felt a special connection to little Jack himself. Like him, I was adopted at birth.

Growing up, being adopted was the most extraordinary thing. For as far back as I can remember, my mom and dad told me I was chosen, special. Most nights, they read me a book called Why Was I Adopted? We’d sit on my bed and inside the pages was a beautiful world of moms and dads and kids with different colored eyes and skin, height and body size. The book explained that as an adopted child, you became part of a family in a different way. Instead of being born into it, you were chosen. 

I imagined my parents getting on a plane in California and flying all over the world in search of me. They landed in various countries, meeting babies…

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