Color Code Your Workouts to Fine-Tune Your Recovery


This fun, easy method for recording how each workout feels can help you track training patterns, avoid overtraining, and reach your peak.

When she was in high school, Lyndy Davis realized that instead of writing lengthy descriptions in her training log about how she felt during each training run, she could simply color-code her runs with appropriately chosen highlighters.

“The training journal already stated the facts: distance and pace,” she says, “[but] I was trying to figure out what workouts made me too tired, and what my week looked like before a good race versus a bad race. Color-coding was fun and helpful.”

A dozen years later, she’s blossomed into a 2:39 marathoner and moved her handwritten logs onto the Internet, but she’s never forgotten her original brainstorm. Not that she hasn’t refined her system over time. At one time, she rated her…

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