Calm Fall Anxiety with this Grounding Ayurveda-Influenced Sequence


Autumn  is a time of rapidly shifting energies. Nature shows us so many examples of this. Think of the leaves on a tree changing hue daily, only to finally dry up, fall toward the earth, or get carried away by the crisp, cool wind. Because we are part of nature, we feel the excitement and challenges of change and uncertainty within ourselves as well. Fall’s clearing away makes room for new beginnings, and let’s face it, this can also feel quite unsettling. For some of us, this can result in an anxious and overactive mind, chilly body, and an overall spacey, ungrounded feeling.

In Ayurveda, vata is the energy that is associated with movement, space, and air; our vata energy can often become unbalanced during fall. Additional qualities of this subtle body energy are:

  • Cold
  • Light
  • Dry
  • Irregular
  • Rough
  • Speed
  • Changeable

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