Build Strong and Sexy Shoulders


By Ritch Finnegan

Based on the fact that Webster defines “sculpting” as the art of carving or shaping figures, it would be accurate to describe yourself as a sculptor of your body. If ever there was a body part that needed the eye of a sculptor to bring out its fully developed beauty, the shoulder is it. As I pondered the biomechanical complexities of the shoulder, I felt I needed to attack this lesson from an artistic, rather than a purely scientific angle. How to do it was the question.

Body as Art

The concept of “sculpting” stuck in my head. So, I called a friend of mine, Thomas Ladd, a local ceramic sculptor, to inquire about his frame of mind when he creates the human form out of clay. When creating “figurative art” as he calls it, Tom tries “to create pieces that contain visual symmetry, which is pleasing to the touch, the eye and the mind.” Now, this guy…

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