Break Up Boredom With This Treadmill Hills Workout – Women’s Running


Doing steady aerobic runs without any change in pace or incline will often put you on the fast track to staleness, boredom, and plateau. This treadmill hills run session from coach Karen Smyers provides a great opportunity to break up the monotony of aerobic running and really allows you to work on your form as you “power up” some of the incline efforts.

She says: “Doing hills on a treadmill gives you the opportunity to control the speed and effort of each hill repeat, so it is dialed in to just the right amount of workload for you while forcing you to maintain your speed in the face of fatigue—or risk falling off the treadmill! Because the treadmill encourages glute/hip muscle recruitment as you power up the incline, it really encourages you to work on your form. Many athletes find themselves at a faster pace for their aerobic runs after doing this workout a couple…

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