Booty Blast for Tight Butt


Overstuffed pie booty…cottage cheese container…flying squirrels…bat wings…these are just some of the terms I hear when asking my over 40 female clients which areas they would LOVE to improve. Care to take a stab at what the most griped about areas are? If you guessed, butt, arms, belly, back fat and thighs, you would be right.

No More Saggy Butt! - Lift the glutes and tighten the skinWhile these are the most frustrating areas for women as we age, today, I am going to focus on the BUTT. As we age, some seem to head south, some head east and west, but rarely do they ever head further north. Well, that is, unless we really work at it, right? Let’s face it, the older we get, the more our skin loses its elasticity. Not only do we fight the battle of losing muscle mass, we also get to look forward to our skin no longer being tight as a baby’s bottom!

No More Saggy Butt! - Lift the glutes and tighten the skinSo, what’s a gal to do? It just so happens that I have a few tricks up my…

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