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Most Affordable

Vive Shoulder Pulley

Vive Shoulder Pulley

Budget-Friendly and Comfortable. The shoulder pulley system by Vive is a budget-friendly system, priced at $10.99. It’s comfortable to use with its soft padded handles that will keep you from straining when pulling.

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If you need shoulder pulley but are watching your budget, this is a great option for you. It’s made with comfort in mind to keep you stretching and building strength safely.

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Best Shoulder Pulley System

Lifeline Shoulder Pulley

Soft and Extra Attachments. The Lifeline Shoulder Pulley system offers extra soft handles that stop you from having to grip too tightly. The assistive grip attachment helps to reduce pains by keeping your hands in place.

What We Liked

If you have arthritis in the hands, the Lifeline Shoulder Pulley system is your best…

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