Best Cold Therapy Packs and Machines


Top Cold Therapy Machine

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine System

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine System

Effective Localized Treatment. Cold therapy machine that’s quiet as a whisper and provides up to six hours of cold pain relief.

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For serious injuries and post-surgery pain management, this is the serious equipment you want. A soft knee pad hooks up to the cryotherapy machine, which provides cold relief for both pain and swelling. No melting ice, layered towels, or unwieldy cold packs. You just velcro the pad in place and adjust the level with a knob. Buy Today on Amazon.

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Top Wrap

The Coldest Water Knee Ice Pack Wrap

Molds to the Knee. This knee brace velcros into place and uses special ice-cold gel to conform to injured and swollen knees.

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Most of us can’t practically sit and keep an injured…

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