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Deep cleanse, purify or repair damage with our edit of anti-pollution skincare essentials designed to combat the effects of toxicity on the skin. With our innovative probiotic complex to target the damage caused by environmental aggressors and protect the skin barrier, our skincare will help you overcome the effects of city life.

Pollution is not only bad for our internal health (think respiratory difficulties and lung health) but can be responsible for premature skin ageing and a dull, sallow complexion. Air pollution generates free radicals within the skin which in turn cause damage to healthy cells. 

The toxins (free radicals) block your pores and reduce oxygenation. Your skin begins to suffocate, losing its glow while imperfections begin to appear. But what about the long term effects?  Pollution damages your skin’s barrier function by breaking down collagen and the lipids contained within it. Damage to cells become permanent as your cells struggle to repair themselves. Studies have shown that women who live in urban areas have skin that is up to 10% older than that of women who don’t live in urban areas.

That’s where our probiotic skincare comes in; our powerful complexes have been designed to reduce the damage caused by environmental aggressors, particularly those caused by pollution. By activating the skin’s natural defence system and returning to the natural equilibrium, your natural glow will be restored, ready to fight the elements on a daily basis. Here’s our selection of anti-pollution essentials we think should be a part of every routine.

Refine & Polish Miracle Balm

This double-action exfoliator helps to deeply cleanse, smooth skin texture and instantly brighten while delivering powerful probiotics to the skin. Apply as a mask and then gently massage to get the full purifying effect of the natural exfoliating rice bran beads.

Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask

This rich, whipped, probiotic mask offers instant replenishing and purifying results while eliminating pollutants from the skin. An innovation in anti-pollution skincare, this pink clay-based mask detoxifies and also hydrates, for skin that is perfectly clean, purified yet balanced after every use.

The Probiotic Concentrate™

Target the damage caused by pollution at a cellular level with our powerful probiotic super serum. This boosting treatment can be added to any routine to offer visible results and activate the skin’s natural repair process.

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