As Georgia Reopens Its Economy, A Small Coalition of Yoga Studio Owners Remain Closed


When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced that the state’s economy would begin reopening as of April 24, the move was met with resistance from concerned mayors and small business owners who feared that the coronavirus threat was far from over. Among them, several Atlanta-area yoga studio owners who say it’s still too soon to resume their business as usual.

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The governor was among the first in the United States to begin lifting stay-at-home restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, granting bowling alleys, body art parlors, hair and nail salons, yoga studios and fitness centers, and, as of April 27, theaters and restaurants, to reopen, but still adhere to social distancing guidelines. Over a dozen more states had followed suit as of press time (Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Vermont, and more), unveiling plans to reopen by the…

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