Are You Overtraining?


Working out can be addictive. There are times when we force ourselves to train even at the expense of sleep and consistently push our limits without taking time to recover. Over time, this will catch up with you. The human body is incredible and can do amazing things, but sufficient rest is paramount for you to feel well and function optimally. Here are some signs and symptoms of overtraining:

Signs that you need more rest & recoveryDIFFICULTY LOSING WEIGHT/WEIGHT GAIN. Our bodies are smarter than we think. In some cases, the scale won’t budge when the body is consistently stressed. Some may even gain weight. When this happens, you must back off a little, and let the body heal.

FATIGUE. Overtraining often leads to feeling tired, low on energy and/or weak. In severe cases, this may persist despite getting sufficient sleep at night.

REGULAR SICKNESS. When overtraining, your immune system becomes weakened, making it more…

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