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This entry was posted on 04/27/2020 by Aurelia.

What are Sound Baths? As part of our Let’s Get Together series, Aurelia is joined by author, beauty founder, and sound therapist Jasmine Hemsley for an Instagram Live sound bath!


Okay, what’s a sound bath?

If you’re new to sound baths, Jasmine suggests thinking of them like a form of meditation. Sound baths use instruments to foster deeper connection to a personal inner world. No bath water in sight. Basically, an instructor, or sound therapist, will use bowls made from different crystals and gemstones along with cymbals and gongs in their creation of a meditative space. Their repetition of notes at different frequencies can guide a listener to obtain deeper levels of meditation. 

There have been numerous studies done to show the links between music and health benefits. Although you shouldn’t use…

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