“Active Rest” Can Be Beneficial for Runners


Researchers at the University of Southern California look to hunter-gatherer ancestors to discover how people lounged pre-chairs.

The average person sits for nine hours a day or more. Even if you’re an active runner, you might still be bound to your office chair for forty hours a week. And you know what they say—sitting is the new smoking.

Most of the conversation around sitting has made it seem as though this is an evolutionary problem—that we’re the first society to deal with such a problem. But it turns out that researchers now believe our hunter-gatherer ancestors were probably just as sedentary as we are today.

So why didn’t they have all the health issues (like cardiovascular disease) that come with prolonged sitting? The simple answer: They didn’t really sit. 

In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, biologists…

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