A Yoga Nidra Practice for Releasing Grief


Over the past several months, our lives have been upended as we’ve witnessed and endured loss, hardship, and injustice. This is a time of tremendous grief. The world’s eyes have been opened to the truth of more than 400 years of systemic racism, while we grapple with personal loss and social isolation. We are in a time of great transition, and what we do in this space matters. We need to stay awake to everything that arises, especially our sorrow.

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When we are weary from heartbreak, we must lie back and let the tamas (lethargy, inertia) of grief work on us in a different way—to get grounded and connected with the unconditional support of the Earth. Yoga Nidra can help us do this. As a technique, Yoga Nidra invites us to remain awake and aware while we experience different states of consciousness and the transitions between them….

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