A Simple Meditation to Ignite Your Creativity


Mary Beth LaRue


I bought my first Moleskine journal freshman year of college. The hard cover and smooth pages gave this organization-loving Virgo a jolt of excitement. I tucked that notebook under my arm everywhere I went and would often post up in a coffee shop or late-night diner filling its once-blank pages with collegiate musings and big dreams. This was the first of dozens of notebooks I’d come to fill, collaging photos cut from magazines or scrap postcards found at secondhand shops. The time I spent writing and creating brought me home to myself.


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But as the year went on, writing began to feel like a chore. As a journalism major, I spent more time typing and far less scribbling. Dreaming gave way to researching. I didn’t know it then, but my creativity was slowly being stifled and, in turn, I felt less nourished.

Fast forward,…

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