A Runner’s Guide to Sugar – Women’s Running


Confused about the role of sugar in your running diet? Here’s how to use the sweet stuff to your advantage.

If you can’t seem to shave minutes or even seconds off your half-marathon time, or getting through what used to feel like an “easy” three miles suddenly feels like a slog, your diet might be to blame. Experts are realizing that it’s added sugar and refined carbs, not previously villainized healthy fat, that are wreaking havoc on the wellness of Americans young and old.

“Taking in too many empty calories in the form of added sugars and refined carbs can sabotage your progress, making you feel lethargic and slowing you down,” says Michele Promaulayko, author of the new book Sugar Free 3: A Three-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep, and Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss.

Runners aren’t an exception to this rule. “They don’t need more sugar than anyone…

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