9 Cooking Tips for Preparing Plant-Based Meals


Whether you’re just getting started with eating more plant-based foods or you’ve been practicing it for years, there are a few nuances to plant-based cooking, so these simple cooking tips can help make your meals tastier and easier to prepare.

Since so much of our nutrition philosophy is around eating more plant-based, whole foods, and we’ve learned a few hacks that you can use to navigate plant-based cooking to make sure each meal is equally delicious and nutritious!

Learn 9 simple cooking tips for preparing plant-based meals that will help you make your meals really tasty, nutritious, and easy for you to make!

Do All of Your Chopping, Slicing, and Dicing Ahead of Time 

So tip number 1 is to do all of your choppings, slicing, and dicing ahead of time. 

If you’re planning on cooking something the day of,…

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