8 Signs Your Current Eating Habits Aren’t Supporting You


Think about this for a minute…

Have you ever tried a way of eating that someone recommended, whether that was a specific diet or even a guideline?

After trying it, did you ever stop to check-in with yourself and ask, “Is this working for me and my unique needs?”

It can be so challenging to navigate through all of the nutrition advice that’s out there and feel confident in knowing that the way you’re nourishing yourself is truly supporting you.

Each of us are so different, and eating haits that may work really well for one person may be unsupportive for another person.

That’s why one of our main focus areas here at Nutrition Stripped is guiding you to understand your unique body and lifestyle so that you feel confident in what works best for you.

In this article, you’re going to discover a few signs to look out for to know whether or not a particular eating habit…

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