7 Ways To Eat Healthier Over the Holidays


Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, most of us fall off our regular, healthy eating plans and give into the temptation of sugar cookies, second helpings and eggnog! But that doesn’t mean your diet is headed for a complete meltdown! It is possible to control your diet and stay on track during the holidays with some advanced planning and guidelines to steer your choices. Here are seven ways to stick to healthy eating this holiday season.

1. Have Your Cheat Meals Strategically

If you have been following a diet consistently, try to avoid complete diet meltdown during the holidays by planning your cheat meals. If you know you have a holiday get together coming up that will center around food, consider scheduling your bad eating days for those days.

2. Sneak In More Vegetables

Instead of reaching for the cheese tray, reach for the veggie tray. Vegetables are full of fiber, which…

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