6 New Stability Road Running Shoes – Women’s Running


Stability used to mean clunky and controlling. No more.

These six new models vary in how they create support and the level of control they exert, but all are lighter, springier, sleeker and downright faster than yesterday’s stability training models. And they’re not just for over-pronators anymore—most of these models’ stability devices stay out of the way if you’re a neutral runner, and some of them increase the shoe’s responsiveness, appealing to all runners.

Women's Altra Provision
Photo: REI

Altra Provision 4.0

At a glance: The overhauled Provision provides subtle support and balanced cushioning for a stable ride without controlling.

If you went for a run in the Provision without knowing anything about it, your reaction would likely be similar to that of one of our neutral, fast testers: “Good road feel, springy, helped increase my cadence, responsive, light.” What is missing is…

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