5 Ways To Deal with Long-Term Anxiety (and a Prolonged Pandemic)


When the coronavirus pandemic started, we had no idea what life would look like after lockdown. But COVID-19 has turned out to be one sustained test of our physical and mental limits as we work through extended uncertainty, isolation, anxiety, and fear. For many of us, the calming practices of yoga have been beacons of light during this time, but even the most mindful among us aren’t as calm as we used to be.

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According to psychiatrist Judson Brewer, MD, the director of research at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center and a faculty member at Omega Institute, the number one mental health issue that people are facing now is anxiety.

“Our brains hate uncertainty, and we’ve never been in a more uncertain time,” he explains. “Our prefrontal cortices are set up to help us review previous experiences, extrapolate information from…

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