5 Supplements for Insulin Control


Insulin is secreted from the pancreas whenever we eat any food that contains sugar—so basically that includes all carbohydrates. While most people only associate Insulin with sugar and weight gain, it also has an important role in building muscle. Insulin is considered one of the most anabolic, or muscle building, hormones in the body, so it is rather important when it comes to putting on any lean muscle. However, too much insulin will cause you to gain excess fat.


5 Supplements for Insulin Control - Manage blood sugar & improve body compositionAfter you eat, blood glucose rises and insulin is released to control blood glucose levels, ensuring a normal level is reached. Once insulin is released, it goes to work by clearing the blood of sugar and delivering it directly to the muscles to help reload glycogen. However, the muscles have a limited capacity for sugar or glucose storage. Once the muscles’ glycogen stores are full, glucose is…

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