5 Steps to Start Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food


Having a healthy relationship with food can be really challenging. 

We see messages every day that says there’s “good” food and “bad” food or that you should eat this and never eat that. 

Food is our nourishment for our physical bodies and nourishment on a cellular level, so it’s incredibly important to pay attention to consuming a wide variety of foods that contribute to your health and prevent chronic disease. 

But food is also more than just that physical nourishment. It’s a way of connecting to others, to other cultures, exploring new things, experiencing pleasure and enjoyment from it. 

Food is something we can’t live without — meaning that it’s present in our day to day life for as long as we live, and most of us eat 35+ meals a week which is 35+ opportunities to nourish our bodies or 35+ ways we stress out about food.

But stressing out about food…

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