5 New Bouncy Road Running Shoes – Women’s Running


“Energy return” became mainstream in our vocabulary about seven years ago following the introduction of the Adidas Boost, but it has been a desired characteristic of running shoes for far longer. Today’s “super shoes” stand at the pinnacle of bouncy cushioning, but many less expensive and more durable training models are utilizing rebounding foams, experimenting with plates, or relying on mechanical reaction systems. One truth about this category of shoe: Your experience will vary from your training partner’s, even more than in other shoes, as the rebound is closely tied to the timing of certain strides. So experiment with multiple models until you find one that makes you feel like they are an enhanced extension of your feet, letting you fly.

Asics Gel Nimbus LiteAsics Gel Nimbus Lite

At a glance: Durable cushioning in a lightweight, comfortable and performance-oriented…

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