5 Foods That Suppress Appetite


Appetite, hunger and cravings can cause even the best dieter discomfort. If left unattended, these can quickly lead to the dieting state we call ‘hangry.’ You know the feeling…hungry, irritable and in need of relief. This condition can lead to diet meltdown. Instead of letting the feeling pass or eating something smart, one gorges on anything and everything to subside that feeling quickly. Sure it may work, but as quickly as you have given in, that hunger will start to creep back up again in no time! Understanding the root cause of your hunger and eating foods to help reduce appetite and hunger can help you stay on track!

What’s the Difference Between Hunger and Appetite?

Often used interchangeably with hunger, appetite is a sensation that we feel when we eat; it is essentially the desire to eat food. While hunger on the other hand is a sensation experienced when one…

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