4 Steps to Help Manage Overwhelming Emotions


Ways to stay calm and grounded during unpredictable times.

This challenging year has depleted our emotional well-being in unpredictable ways. During times like these, failing to remember our innate unbreakable wholeness—and its qualities of indestructible joy and peace—can cause us to over-identify with our emotional responses. Our egos may translate physical illness, emotional trauma, or even day-to-day challenges as “something’s wrong with me.”

Are you clinging to what “should be” rather than what is? 

Tense? Scattered? Struggling to find balance ? Well, we don’t have to list the ways we’re all struggling to cope with an unprecedented year. If you’re seeking joy and peace amidst the challenges, join Richard Miller—psychologist, yoga therapist, and founder of the iRest institute—for a four-week program that will help you transform emotional turmoil into enduring…

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