4 Common Questions About Carb Cycling


If you didn’t know, carb cycling is an effective way to burn off fat and build lean muscle while using an intermittent diet approach that focuses on high and low carb switching. The reason for this switching is to keep the metabolism up-regulated. Being on a low carb diet, although very effective, can end up down-regulating the body’s metabolic responses, especially if the diet is low in calories, too! In a previous post, I discussed the “how-to” in this post, and now I’m answering four common questions about carb cycling.

1. Should High Carb Days Be On Heavy Lifting Days?

Although most people will choose to have their high carbohydrate days on the days they perform their most heaviest lifting, it’s not necessary. In fact, you might get better results if you perform your high days on the day prior to your workout.

Why? Well for one, if you want to make the most…

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