3 Tips for Going Zero-Waste in the Kitchen


1. Source Smarter

You don’t have to be all in on the zero-waste movement, which emphasizes producing as little trash as possible, to make a difference in the world. Jessica Waite—who cofounded The Plot with her husband, Davin (who is executive chef), and a business partner in Oceanside, California—suggests starting small to avoid overwhelm. Be intentional about where you buy, she says: “Get to know the family growing your food; go to your local farm stand or farmers’ market instead of the grocery store.” Doing so eliminates packaging, minimizes travel footprints, and supports regenerative agriculture and soil health, all of which translates into better health for you and the planet. Plus, when you buy from someone you know, you tend to waste less and enjoy more, Waite says.

2. Innovate

Waite and her team developed The Plot’s…

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