3 Quick Ways to Cope with Aches Until You Can Get to a Pro – Women’s Running


Injuries rarely happen at convenient times.

When aches, pains, and injuries strike when you’re away from professional help, turn to these three effective self-treatments.

1. Compression

This is best used when you experience an acute injury, like an ankle sprain, that begins to swell instantly. Swelling makes the injured area weaker due to neuromuscular inhibition—in other words, it makes it harder for your brain to tell those muscles how to work properly, making it difficult for you to use that body part. And it can cause unbearable pain that compression can alleviate—without negatively affecting your body’s own healing process—until you’re able to see a health professional.

2. Soft Tissue Mobilization/ Cross Friction Massage

This type of treatment can be used for several different types of chronic injuries that flare up inconveniently, like “runner’s…

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