12 Food Blogs to Find Traditional and Modern Jewish Recipes


Whether you’re Jewish, a family member or a friend is Jewish, or you’d simply like to understand a different culture through food, you’ll find several blogs you can browse for Jewish recipes! 

Food is such a beautiful way to experience and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of all of the unique cultures that exist in our world, whether it’s our own culture or someone else’s. All of us take great pride in our cultures and traditions, and allowing someone to share that with you through food is truly where we can all connect.

We believe food has many beautiful roles in your life, and tradition, culture, celebration, and enjoyment are all part of that.

In this list, you’ll find bloggers with traditional recipes, many Kosher, and you’ll also find a few blogs with vegan and gluten-free, options for those of you who need to follow a…

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