10 Top Questions, Answered – Women’s Running


Want to learn to love running? Start a routine safely by beginning gradually, to reduce the risks of injuries and burnout. Here’s how.

It’s one of the most accessible fitness options available, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of questions about how to start running. If you want to stick to it and ultimately enjoy it, running also requires patience and a plan to safely increase the minutes and mileage.

When you get a good start in your running life, it pays dividends later. It’s a proven mental-health booster, immunity helper, and adds immensely to quality-of-life. Fresh air, nature, and a well-earned sweat are all good for the soul. We want more people to run, so Women’s Running is here to help you ease into a new running program. Read on for advice on how to get a healthy, happy start.

[Want to start running? Great! Hit up our six-week plan to build…

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