10 Poses to Release Perfectionism and Boost Inner Peace


Perfectionism is something I have struggled with throughout my life. Sure, perfectionism can help us reach our goals and accomplishments. However, when things don’t go the way we want them to, it can feed feelings of stress and failure.

At age 8, I began dreaming of one day playing in the NFL. Later, that dream turned into an obsession that I was going to achieve at all costs. I beat up my body with relentless overtraining. I abused my mind and spirit, believing that the only way to be happy was with a long, successful career in the NFL.

After my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh, I signed my first NFL contract, with the Detroit Lions. Five months later, I was cut. The following year I landed a contract with the Indianapolis Colts. After three months, I was let go due to an injury. Next, I signed with the New York Jets. But after another…

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